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Current Tasks (to-dos)

  • Obtain server for testing launcher protocol.
    • Current volunteers: EpicDev
  • Verify if EpicDev's AES encryption-based server will be compatible with the https requirements we'll need for TCP Ack.
    • Current volunteers: (pending)
  • Locate and integrate a Github TCP Ack software solution to simulate the intended protocol for the launcher.
    • Current volunteers: (pending)
  • Verify server efficacy, and integrate with server-facing component of Github solution.
    • Current volunteers: (pending)
  • Reverse-engineer existing Sunrise launcher to map out its functionality to aid in making further updates.
    • Current volunteers: Vision
  • Investigate / integrate Ironpython ( ) into Sunrise to provide .net framework support for wider programming access for those unfamiliar with Python/QT.
    • Current volunteers: Profit
  • Identify resources needed
    • Current volunteers: (pending)
      • Resources are available however identification of needs is required.
      • Virtual resource requirements may include wiki, github or other organizational tools.

Preliminary Requirements

  • Verify and outline replacement for Manifests.
    • TCP ACK is the current methodology being explored.
      • For clarification were looking at more of a 2way check process or verification of requests by client launcher vs pushing out a full manifest in a single request.
    • Verify any additional server-side requirements that must be developed to work with this data management model.
  • Settle on launcher's server list management methodology.
  • Develop a prototype for demonstration
    • Potentially, combine the incomplete Sunrise launcher with a github-acquired TCPAck solution to present the idea in action. Additional changes or custom solutions can be worked out later.

List of Development Milestones

  • Settle on whether to continue existing Sunrise launcher development, or migrate to another programming language.
    • Ease-of-entry or familiarity with the language to develop the software should be a priority to resolve limitations with available developers.
    • Issues with Sunrise are that there may be a lack of experience surrounding Python with QT to continue development.
    • If Sunrise is discontinued, verify if any aspects of the project, such as Lexi's skins, can be recycled to minimize future labor.

List of Requirements

  • Launcher must be in the same directory as the game executable. Forcing this as a standard will resolve several problems with administrative rights requirements previously seen in earlier launchers.

Tertiary Goals

  • User interface layout and design requirements.
    • Detailed view of transfer speeds
    • Detailed view of progress
  • Confirm and work around compatibility problems across OS platforms.
    • Wine wrapping seems to be among the most popular solutions.
  • Meaningful Error messages
    • Detailed messages will help with troubleshooting experience